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Design and construction of energy-saving buildings.
Development of equipment for green building.

An energy efficient house made from straw blocks of panels is a trend in the construction market not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and America. But Ukraine has all the prerequisites for the development of thatched house construction, because it is rich in necessary natural resources. That is why the Founding President of Rainbow Ecosystem and ECS-3.com, Rafael Petit, together with leading engineers and architects, founded the ecologically safe production of straw blocks in this country.

Having gone through a complex process of testing, experimentation and certification, we can say with confidence that our equipment for the production of eco-blocks is unique, economical, ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Its productivity is able to cover 700 - 1000 m2 of building per month. Green Manufacturing Process (GMP) - this is how we called the line for the production of straw panels - today has no analogues in the Ukrainian market and is absolutely competitive in the market of Europe and Asia.

We invite you to cooperation!

Possible types of cooperation:

1. You can order an energy-efficient house from straw panels for yourself and your family. We will help you at every stage of design and construction.

2. You can earn with us by connecting to our affiliate program.

3. Sale of equipment for the production of eco-blocks in their country (for the CIS countries and Europe).